What is a Landing Page

 What is a Landing Page

What Is a Landing Page?

In digital marketing, a landing page is a web page optimized for a specific purpose. It often aims to push for a sale or capture a potential customer’s information. The term “landing page” comes from the fact that visitors “land” on it when they click on a link or ad.  Read on to discover more on “What is a Landing Page”.

The Difference Between a Landing Page and a Web Page

Different pages on a website may feature calls to action or forms for capturing visitor information. But that doesn’t make them landing pages because they serve other purposes as well.

For example, a homepage fulfills different functions. A landing page, on the other hand, has a sole purpose—to convert visitors into customers, leads, or subscribers.

How Does a Landing Page Work?

what-is-a-landing-page-websiteThe different marketing channels or advertising campaigns you run funnel traffic to the landing page. The landing page then tries to convert that traffic using call to action buttons, opt-ins, or other forms that visitors fill in.

Landing pages can be integrated into a website or stand on their own. When on their own, they are hosted on a domain whose name usually reflects the marketing or advertising campaign behind them.

A landing page usually adheres to your brand’s design guidelines. It uses a logo and color scheme to build familiarity. The rest of the content and features on the page are optimized to capture information or secure a sale.

What is a Landing Page – The Elements

what-is-a-landing-page-emailLanding pages can have different elements depending on the scope of your marketing campaign. You can use them to sell products or services, increase email subscription rates, drive signups to an event, highlight a new product launch, provide downloadable files in return for personal information, and more.

Typical features of a landing page can include:

  • Call to action button that takes the visitor to a product page
  • Form to capture the visitor’s name, email address, and other personal details that can be used for targeted marketing
  • Opt-in button for the visitor to join a mailing list
  • Download button to offer the visitor an e-book, course, or other materials in return for their email address and other personal information
  • Content that highlights the benefits of the product or service marketed, including video content

What Makes a Great Landing Page?

Landing pages that convert typically have a strong offer. They use persuasive copywriting and highlight the benefits of the product or service they promote.

Alongside copy, effective landing pages often use visual content. A compelling graphic or video can increase the efficiency of a web page.

Web design also plays a key role. Typography, visual elements, and layouts are optimized to make a strong impression on visitors and encourage them to answer the call to action.

Landing pages today are optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

What is a Landing Page – The Wrap Up

what-is-a-landing-page-marketingA landing page is a powerful marketing tool that turns traffic into leads or customers. But to achieve the desired results, it must be optimized for your target audience.

Don’t leave any element of your landing page to chance. From the headlines to the forms, everything has to persuade the visitors to take advantage of the offer you’re making them.

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