Online Reputation Management

 Online Reputation Management

What Is Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, online reputation management (ORM) refers to monitoring and improving how a business is perceived online. It ensures that your online presence works for you rather than against you. Learn more about ORM and why it matters.

Understanding Online Reputation Management

online-reputation-managementToday, when many if not most consumers will Google your business and read online reviews about it before buying something, ORM has become more important than ever. First impressions matter online just as they do in real life.

Imagine how a potential customer would react if they find that you have a very low score on your Google My Business listing and then a host of negative comments on your Facebook business page. And a reputation for poor customer support on independent review aggregator sites like TrustPilot.

Would that encourage them to buy from you? Probably not.

The problem with online ratings and reviews is that happy customers are usually too busy enjoying their product to leave a review. It’s the customers who have encountered problems that feel the need to vent their anger. Even great brands are susceptible to bad reviews and ratings.

That’s where Online Reputation Management comes in.

Evaluating Your Online Presence

ORM evaluates your online presence to determine how your brand is perceived online. It then uses the insight it gains to present your brand in a favorable light. Here are the areas ORM usually focuses on.

  • Search – Your search ranking in Google and other search engines, including your Google My Business rating, reviews, and information accuracy.
  • Social – Your social media ratings, comments, posting frequency, follower count, and activity levels. Social mentions and hashtags referring to your brand are also important—what people are saying about you?
  • Reviews – Google, Facebook, Yelp, TrustPilot, or Angie’s List reviews get massive exposure. Poor ratings can affect how customers interact with your business.

After an ORM evaluation, you will know the problem areas and can consider strategies for fixing them.

So, how exactly can online reputation management help you?

How Online Reputation Management Helps Your Brand

online-reputation-management-online-presenceORM is not just about dealing with negative reviews. It’s a holistic approach to making your brand look better and become more visible online. Here are some of the most effective ORM strategies.

  • Use content marketing to build trust and establish your business’ expertise.
  • Improve your search engine ranking through SEO and other digital marketing practices.
  • Establish an active presence on social media and respond to comments and mentions and join discussions about your brand. This may involve providing solutions to unhappy clients and referring them to your support team. For this, you need a social media manager.
  • Claim business listings and create a business page on top social media platforms including LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Use online public releases and other forms of content to highlight your business activity and announce your latest developments.
  • Monitor your online presence and address negative comments or reviews as soon as they arise.

These are only some of the ways in which ORM can help your business. The important thing to remember is that ORM is an ongoing process. You can’t do it once and then forget about it. Add it to your list of priorities and everyone will win—your business as well as your customers.


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