Digital Marketing Automation

 Digital Marketing Automation

What Is Digital Marketing Automation

Digital marketing is an effective way to spread the word about your business. But posting content, running ads, or sending emails takes time—more time than you may have. That’s where digital marketing automation comes in. Read on to find out what digital marketing automation is and how it can benefit you.

Digital Marketing Automation Definition

digital-marketing-automation-strategyDigital marketing automation is the process of using software to automate repetitive marketing tasks like sending emails, scheduling and publishing content across different channels, or generating marketing performance reports. It can help you market your website or business more effectively across different channels.

Let’s say you have a business blog and you are also active on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Content marketing is at the core of many digital marketing strategies.

But manually sharing every blog post across those social channels takes time and is a repetitive process. If you publish content on your blog every day, just sharing links to it on social media can add up to half an hour or more every week.

Digital marketing automation enables you to auto-publish your blog post across social channels. As soon as it’s live on your blog, it’s live everywhere.

Types of Digital Marketing Automation

Auto-publishing content is one of the simplest examples of digital marketing automation. You can do it with a website plugin or a variety of digital marketing tools. More advanced digital marketing automation includes:

  • Email auto-response and reminder tools that can send personalized emails to new subscribers or certain segments of your audience with reminders to leave a review, a special offer for their birthday, product updates, surveys, etc.
  • Retargeting programs that send targeted social or search engine ads to customers who have left your website or interacted with your brand online in other ways.
  • “We miss you” messages that seek to engage with inactive customers.
  • Multichannel marketing that optimizes the delivery of content, email, and social ads so that your target audience doesn’t feel bombarded with marketing spam.
  • Repurchase messages that offer customers personalized suggestions based on their previous activity.

Marketing automation tools range from single-purpose to the all-in-one. They include email marketing automation tools, social media automation tools, advertising automation, and all-in-one marketing platforms that do a bit of everything. Many simple marketing automation platforms are free. More advanced ones require a monthly subscription.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing Automation

digital-marketing-automation-benefitsMore than helping you save time and focus your energies on more creative tasks, digital marketing automation can increase customer engagement and spark more interest in your business through re-engagement, updates, and special offers.

Marketing automation also facilitates A/B testing campaigns for marketing messages, calls to action, landing pages, and more. For example, you can use marketing automation tools to serve one type of email to one part of your audience and another type to another and test results to see which is more effective.

In the end, automation can help you do digital marketing effectively while saving time and energy. And the best part is that digital marketing automation is scalable. You can choose to implement it on a small scale using simple tools or hire a marketing automation expert to maximize results.


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