Different Types of Content Marketing

 Different Types of Content Marketing

Why Use Different Types of Content Marketing

Content marketing enables you to create and distribute content to a wide, interested audience. 72% of marketers report that content marketing is a great tool for increasing engagement. But to see optimal results, you need to go beyond simple text content. Here’s why you should use different types of content marketing.

Five Different Types of Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

different-types-of-content-marketingHalf of the world population uses social media today. So, it makes sense to turn your attention to Social Media Marketing if you want to reach a wider audience. Here are some other reasons why SMM is worth your time:

  • 75% of social media users search for different products on social networks
  • 40% of consumers buy a product after seeing an influencer’s recommendation on social media
  • Marketing leads that are generated through social media convert 7 times more frequently


By creating engaging and informative blog content you can consolidate your position as an expert in your market. You can get an idea of the benefits of using blogs for marketing from the following stats.

  • 81% of the U.S. based consumers say that they trust the information and facts they come across on blogs
  • 57% of marketers report that at least some of their customers discover them through blogs
  • 61% of the U.S based consumers buy a product after reading recommendations on a blog

Video Marketing

different-types-of-content-marketingVideo marketing continues to be one of the darlings of the marketing world. And for good reason—it’s one of the most engaging forms of content. People who don’t have the time, patience, or concentration to read articles watch videos.
Here are some other reasons to do video marketing.

  • It can significantly increase your conversion rate. According to statistics, putting video on the landing page can improve your conversion rate by up to 80%.
  • Video marketing can increase your revenue: 88% of the video marketers say that they have observed a very good Return on Investment (ROI) with video marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is simple and to the point. It lacks the bells and whistles of other forms of marketing, but its directness can work to your advantage. Also, it is often less costly than other forms of content marketing, though you do have to build a mailing list first.

  • For every $1 a marketer spends on email marketing, he gets an average of $42 return on investment.
  • A total of 99% of consumers check their email daily—email remains an integral part of most people’s daily lives.


different-types-of-content-marketingInfographics grab attention easily. They are catchy and fast to consume, which makes them one of the most accessible forms of content around. When they are done right, they can boost engagement and make your brand or cause more memorable.
The key stat you need to know about infographics is this:

  • Infographics get 3 times more shares and likes on social media compared to other content types.

Different Types of Content Marketing – The Bottom Line

Each type of content marketing has its own advantages. That’s why mixing them usually brings better results than sticking to just one format. But you do want to sort your priorities.

Depending on your type of business and your cause, some types of content marketing may prove a lot more effective than others. The important thing is to explore all your options for different types of content marketing.


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